WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results: Biggest Winners and Match Ratings

Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar in what could be their last match of all time. Additionally, Becky Lynch returns to the great side.

SummerSlam 2022 was a noteworthy show: The principal WWE pay-per-view delivered without Vince McMahon in charge. The organizer and CEO of WWE resigned in July in the midst of claims of sexual wrongdoing, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque has since assumed imaginative command. SummerSlam was notable before the camera as well, feauting the last at any point conflict (or so we’ve been distinguished) between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

In the headliner of the show, Roman Reigns crushed Brock Lesnar in what could be the pair’s best match of all time. It was a Last Man Standing match comprising of a varity of madnesses: A goliath farm truck tipping over the ring, Paul Heyman at last taking a (tremendous) knock and a lot of impedance. While their WrestleMania match overpromised and underdelivered – – it was charged as “the greatest WrestleMania match ever” – – this one was the inverse. It was far more insane than you would anticipate.

Truly, Roman Reigns was the enormous champ of the evening. He won another hotshot match, and when of his next safeguard, on Sept. 3 at Clash at the Castle, he’ll have held the Universal Championship for north of 700 days. Drew McIntyre was likewise a victor, regardless of not really wrestling on the show.

WWE is developing McIntyre amazingly in front of his match against Reigns, and it appears to be truly conceivable that he could be the one to depose Reigns. We can assume that on the off chance that WWE doesn’t take the lashes off Reigns in September, they’ll keep them on him until WrestleMania 39. The main issue with that will be that, with both Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton harmed, Reigns has no genuine challengers to hold him over until ‘Lunacy season. Huge things could be in McIntyre’s sights.

Aside from Roman Reigns, the greatest champ of SummerSlam was Becky Lynch. Lynch really lost her match against Bianca Belair, yet a short time later turned babyface. In the first place, she shook Belair’s hand after the match, finishing their drawn out contention. Then, after a returning Bayley and her new group mates Io Shirai and Dakota Kai hit the ring, Lynch came to Belair’s guide. Becky Lynch has been miscast in her job as a heel over the course of the last year, taking on a difficult conflict against fans who need to cheer her. WWE is lacking in stars that fans really have a profound friendship for, and Lynch is one of them.

The converse is valid for Ronda Rousey, who likewise lost her match (sort of) yet emerged from SummerSlam more grounded. After a contested completion against Liv Morgan, who held her SmackDown Womens’ Championship despite the fact that she tapped out to an armbar, an irritated Rousey obliterated Morgan and the ref in the ring. Rousey as a thoughtful babyface who battles from under isn’t close to as successful as a beast heel ass kicker, which is all the more consistent with what she really is.

Roman Reigns’ last conflict with Brock Lesnar was a crazy display that befitted their celebrated competition. After a totally bananas Last Man Standing match – – which saw a bombed cash in by Theory, Paul Heyman F5’d through a table and the whole ring being gathered up by a monster farm hauler – – Reigns covered Lesnar under the commentator’s table and steel moves toward be the Last Man Standing and hold his WWE Universal Championship.

Partially through Lesnar’s entry, he started to stroll back up the slope. He put on his rancher’s wool and Texas style cap, then got in a colossal farm truck which he headed to the ring. Lesnar presented himself from the highest point of the farm truck, then, at that point, started the match by jumping off the highest point of it on to Reigns. Unbelievable scenes.

Lesnar and Reigns promptly began fighting outwardly, going through the group and onto part of the arena’s arranging. Coming back to the ring, Lesnar arrangement a table which, after an interruption from Paul Heyman, Reigns Samoan Dropped him through. That cut up Lesnar’s back, which started to drain. Rules then arrangement another table and pummeled Lesnar through it with a Uranage.

Inside the ring, Reigns hit two Superman Punches and a significant Spear – – the first of many Spears of the night – – yet that didn’t hold Lesnar down for quite a while. Lesnar got ready to take care of business, which after several extreme rams outside intricate putting Reigns in the frontloader of the work vehicle and dumping him in the ring. Yet again inconceivable. After several German Suplexes, Lesnar lands a F5, but Reigns gets up at 9.

Lesnar tried another F5, at this point Reigns countered into a Guillotine. Lesnar powered out and got in his own personal Guillotine, which Reigns quickly dropped from. Lesnar got another 9 count.

In maybe the best depiction of their praised squabble, Lesnar got back in the homestead hauler and pummeled it slowly into the ring. He then, used the work vehicle to scoop the ring up, making Reigns tumble down like the ring was an unstable slide. It was surprising.

The Usos hit the ringside, however Lesnar immediately discarded both with Belly to Belly suplexes by the ring. Once more, paul Heyman contributed, so Lesnar F5’d him through a mother loving table. Rules then blitzed a diverted Lesnar with a Spear.

Hypothesis’ music hit and he rushed to the ring, thumping Reigns with the Money in the Bank attaché. Before he could formally trade it out however, Lesnar F5’d him on the satchel. The Usos then, at that point, clock Lesnar with a twofold Superkick, and Reigns handles a major Spear for another 9 count. Rules got Theory’s satchel and battered Lesnar with it for another 9. Rules snatched the WWE Championship and crushed Lesnar with it – – another 9 count.

At long last, Reigns gets the Universal Championship and hits Lesnar with it. Then, at that point, with the ref actually counting, he and The Usos stack the broadcaster’s table trash and the steel steps on top of Lesnar. Covered under everything, Lesnar couldn’t make the most of the.

It didn’t seem OK that the ref would continue to consider Reigns and the Usos continued to dump stuff on Lesnar, yet hello, need to hold The Beast down someway some way or another. Reigns worked really hard in this last stretch – – each time he wrecked Lesnar, he sold like he was unnerved that Lesnar would get back up. Incredible show, extraordinary match.

Rating: 4.75 stars. The WrestleMania 38 headliner match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar was disappointing. It’s great, then, at that point, that these two got to have this match at SummerSlam. It’s seemingly their best, and positively the most breathtaking.

Rules and Lesnar have had an inconceivable competition throughout the course of recent years – – the best comment about this match is that it was a fitting finish to what will presumably be one of the most observed WWE contentions of all time.


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