Record of Pelosi Interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe with Mika Brzezinski

Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about the new Congressional assignment to the Indo-Pacific area, the Inflation Reduction Act and other insight about the day. The following are the Speaker’s comments:

Mika Brzezinski. Furthermore, the House Speaker goes along with us now. We’ll get to the vital inquiries encompassing what’s going on in Taiwan in one minute. On the whole, hello.

We would like particularly to get your response, Madam Speaker, to the pursuit of previous President Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago, down in Florida.

Speaker Pelosi. Good day.

I have – all I realize about that is in the public area. I was shocked that it streaked on my telephone last night. So I don’t actually have a lot to say, then again, actually, to have a visit like that, you really want a warrant. To have a warrant, you want defense. What’s more, that says that nobody is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else – not so much as a President or a previous President of the United States. Yet, that – this will, I’m all certain, be spread the word for us after some time. Be that as it may, I have no information on it.

I really do realize that there has been chat – or more than jabber – about the official, President’s records and the way in which they should be saved for history. Furthermore, we’ll see what the legitimization was for the strike. I simply don’t have any idea. I think everyone was shocked by it.

Joe Scarborough. Indeed, yes.

You know, Madam Speaker, it’s interesting. I went to Taiwan with a gathering of Members of Congress to see the introduction of President Lee, harking back to the 1990’s. Furthermore, obviously, another House Speaker –

Mika Brzezinski. Indeed.

Joe Scarborough. – went to Taiwan. No one truly expressed a lot of about it by any means. Envoys go to Taiwan. Americans go to Taiwan.

I couldn’t want anything more than to realize what is the distinction when I do it, when Gingrich makes it happen, when envoys do it and afterward unexpectedly when you do it. Unexpectedly, this resembles a world emergency. What’s the distinction here?

Speaker Pelosi. All things considered, it may – I could try and add – great morning, Joe. I could try and add that, simply a brief time prior, various Senators – a bipartisan gathering of Senators went, including the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Menendez. Did anyone raise a ruckus?

I don’t believe that the President of China ought to control the timetables of Members of Congress or any other person who needs to visit Taiwan.

He’s attempting to disconnect Taiwan, you know. They can’t join the WHO, where they could make an entirely significant commitment regarding worldwide wellbeing or different associations. So he might attempt to hold them back from going to gatherings yet he won’t hold Members of Congress back from visiting Taiwan, who won’t be associates to his confinement of Taiwan.

Joe Scarborough. So what did we gain from China over the beyond a few –

Speaker Pelosi. I –

Joe Scarborough. – days? Clearly, President Xi has taken the country in a much more imperious bearing throughout the course of recent years.

Speaker Pelosi. Indeed.

Joe Scarborough. What have you realized by his overcompensation to a Member of Congress’ visit to Taiwan?

Speaker Pelosi. All things considered, I feel that he’s in a delicate spot. He’s – his concerns with his economy. He’s behaving like a terrified harasser, and this is his – before the gathering that, where he will need to be reappointed. In any case, I – we didn’t go there to discuss China. We went there to discuss Taiwan. We went there in a greater picture. Taiwan obscured all the other things that we did. The President has started an Asia-Pacific approach. He has founded the Indo-Pacific financial structure. We needed to hear from the heads of those nations, tolerating their solicitations to visit and, once more, underlining parliament – interparliamentary collaborations that are significant in our relationship.

We went with modesty to realize what they’re thinking, so that they’re not thinking, ‘This is the thing we believe should do and you follow us.’ No – how about we do this cooperating. Also, we, once more, simply on a few different issues, conversed with them all and expressed gratitude toward them for their solid positions they took against Russia for the intrusion of Ukraine. We expressed gratitude toward those on the ASEAN and southern Asian nations – South Asian nations of Singapore and Malaysia for the moves they made against Burma, for what Burma has done executing advocates for a majority rules system in Burma. So we had – our motivation, consistently, when we go out traveling is about security, financial aspects and the economy, and administration. What’s more, as far as security, we had great visits, paying attention to them about how we cooperate for worldwide security.

As far as the economy, I referenced the President’s Indo-Pacific monetary stage – system and paying attention to how they figured we could cooperate. They’re asking us to do another exchange bill, so we’ll perceive the way we can cooperate. I’ll converse with our companions in labor and my associates about that. And afterward, third, concerning administration, truly vital to discuss what I said: whether it’s COVID, whether it’s environmental change, whether it’s basic liberties as they have responded to why this happened to it – in Burma.

So it was an exceptionally useful excursion, again underscoring our entomb – despite the fact that we met with the heads of state and – or had conversations with them. We met with each Speaker in every one of the five nations and their individuals from Parliament. So it’s extremely useful. In any case, as far as Taiwan, we wouldn’t take Taiwan off our rundown in light of the fact that the President of Taiwan has welcomed us. The President of China doesn’t do our timetable.

Mika Brzezinski. What’s more, that’s it. Lady Speaker, I couldn’t want anything more than to get some information about the Inflation Reduction Act and the –

Speaker Pelosi. Indeed.

Mika Brzezinski. – and its legislative issues. Will this be a part of the Dems’ informing paving the way to the midterms? President Biden battling with low endorsement appraisals. Maybe will this rally backing and decisions in favor of Democrats paving the way to the midterms? What is your take?

Speaker Pelosi. Indeed, I feel that you need to see it with regards to what this President has achieved in the eighteen months – or somewhat more than eighteen months that he’s been President. We did the Rescue bundle – cash in individuals’ pockets, immunizations in their arms, kids back to school, individuals securely back to work. The Infrastructure bill to construct, fabricate, construct America in a way that has value and decency and safeguards the climate. And afterward, today, we’ll go to the White House for – marking the CHIPS and Science charge, which will make America more free and more confident as far as store network and the rest. What’s more, that will help – cutting down the expense of things is additionally useful in battling expansion.

Also, presently, this regulation. Also, I generally prefer to discuss it beginning at America’s kitchen table. Lower medical services costs with the endowments. Bringing down the expense of physician endorsed drugs, which is memorable. This is whenever that we first have had the option to have the Secretary – and we’ve been chipping away at this for quite a long time – the initial opportunity to get, to have the Secretary haggle at lower costs. This is a catastrophe for the drug organizations. They’ve said, ‘The Democrats will take care of doing this’ – for bringing the expense down to Americans for doctor prescribed drugs.

So this is about a more full plan of medical care. Reasonable – making medical care more reasonable, making position more – higher wages and great paying position, as well as saving and safeguarding our current circumstance. It’s really energizing – and when you see it with regards to the wide range of various regulation. What’s more, tomorrow, marking the PACT Act to safeguard our veterans. It has an – it has an honesty to it. Furthermore, indeed, it is tied in with addressing the necessities of America’s functioning families For The People, not legislative issues. That we’ll –

Joe Scarborough. Indeed.

Speaker Pelosi. – be discussing in the political race.

Joe Scarborough. But then, Republicans really maintain that drug organizations should have the option to proceed with cost gouging insulin patients. It’s amazing – just totally shocking.

I needed to ask you, however, about finishing this arrangement. We have been watching reformists and conservatives discussing each other before cameras for 18 months. I know it’s presumably determined you and a ton of different experts insane. It’s like, come on, how about we get – be that as it may, you know, Joe Manchin and others say they have been discreetly conversing with you for – all through the whole interaction.

Also, I just – I simply need to discuss how untidy it tends to be now and again, yet ask how could we get to where we got? This is, by any norm, and philosophy to the side – in a 50-50 split Senate and a firmly separated House – this is a striking political accomplishment. How could it work out?

Speaker Pelosi. All things considered, we have – we have our disparities in our party, and God favor all of us for the exuberances we as a whole offer that might be of some value. Yet, what binds together us is we are there to work for America’s functioning families. With regards to lessening their medical services costs or making better-paying position – once more, and having spotless, safe spots for our kids, and saving the planet for what’s in store. We’re joined on all of that.

Be that as it may, regulation, as you most likely are aware as a previous official, is – it’s troublesome on the grounds that we as a whole need everything. Furthermore, as I share with the Members, you can’t pass judgment on a bill for what it doesn’t do. You regard it for what it does. Furthermore, what this bill does is very wonderful. Do we need more? Obviously. Will we keep on working for more? Obviously.

However, we can’t – we need to show our solidarity to the American public, which we did keep going week on the CHIPS bill. I was extremely pleased. There was ‘no’ vote on the Democratic side, despite the fact that the Republicans were whipping across – against the CHIPS charge, the CHIPS and Science bill. At the point when they saw that we had not one ‘no’ vote, then, at that point, some of them came aroun


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