Cheerful Birthday, George Jetson? The web thinks he was brought into the world on July 31, 2022

Welcome to the world George Jetson! At any rate, or on the other hand so says the web.

Images have been coursing asserting that today — July 31, 2022 — is the birthday of the dopey patriarch from the rare animation, The Jetsons.

This is the way the number related works: The show previously broadcasted in 1962, yet was set 100 years later. That sounds 2062.

During the principal time of the show, George uncovers that he’s 40 years of age. So 2062 short 40, and that’s it.

The reality registering site Snopes looked with the case and finished up it is, truth be told, a “sensible assessment of his introduction to the world year.”

Concerning the particular day itself? All things considered; we should simply say there’s a 1-in-365 possibility the images are correct. However, hello, we’ve proactively got talking watches, robot vacuums and level screen TVs. Perhaps in couple of many years we’ll get to pick our own birthday celebrations, as well.


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